A Lesson in Balance


019When the kids were in Elementary school, I put on the kitchen wall a big “S” (see picture), with some words that started with the letter “S”. These words represented various aspects of our lives, all of which we should incorporate in our day. I chose the letter “S”, because that’s the first letter of our last name. Our words were: Spiritual, Study, Stay fit, Social, Service, and Smiles. For instance, I would ask each kid to pick one of those words and tell everyone how they expressed that word (quality) during the day. Some were easier than others. For instance, all of the kids had an easy answer to “Social”, or “Stay fit”. It was sometimes harder for them to list things they had done as a “Service” or as part of their “Spiritual” lives. As we incorporated this into our dinner conversations (randomly, because that’s how we do things!), we found that the kids were sometimes thinking during the day of what their answer would be that evening. And that was the whole meaning of the exercise – to have them keep good qualities in mind that they wanted to express and then work to make that happen.

We didn’t continue this exercise very long – I’m not sure why – but the “S” stayed on the wall for years, and I found myself looking at it from time to time, and appreciating the gentle reminder it brought to my days as well.

About karenshuman

I am a Mom of four teenagers, with a career, a busy household to manage, and far too many volunteer commitments. After hearing several times, “you should write a book about parenting”, I decided to give blogging a shot. My husband alternates between soul mate, Super Dad, and hired help (sometimes switching roles on an hourly basis). He also has his own career to manage. Between us, we’ve discovered some things that have worked well (and many that haven’t) in raising our children and running our household. We invite you to share your ideas as well.

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