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Manageable Holiday Decorating


tree 2Along with the joy of parenting come new feelings of inadequacy.

Take a look at any daycare, pre-K, or elementary school classroom and they are highly decorated with whatever holiday season we happen to be in. I always felt a bit guilty that my kids came from that environment into a home that didn’t have valentines taped to windows, or heart-shaped decorations everywhere. Some mothers are great at decorating, but I’m not one of them.

Not having the time or inclination to decorate for every holiday, but wanting to do something festive, I came across an idea that has worked well for us. I purchased a metal “tree” that stands just inside the entrance to our home which I decorate as each holiday rolls around. I re-use the decorations each year and add art that the kids have done as well.

When there is no holiday, I have a set of candle holders (see pic) that look nice. It’s easy to decorate one small thing and really adds to the atmosphere. Here are some of the ways we decorate our tree:
-The “Love Tree” with red lights and hearts. Since our wedding anniversary is the end of January, this goes up then and stays to Valentine’s Day.
-The “Easter Tree” has pastel lights, bunnies, and kid art (see pic).
-The “Patriotic Tree” has red, white, and blue lights and lots of stars and flags. It goes up around Memorial Day (or sometimes not until Flag Day) and stays up through the Fourth of July.
-The “Halloween Tree” has little jack o’ lantern lights and spider web stuff.
-The “Thanksgiving Tree” is draped with fake falls leaves and usually kid hand turkey art.
-The “Christmas Tree” has lights and ornaments (we also decorate the rest of the house for this holiday!).

Just 018to be quirky, sometimes we’ll put random items on the tree, such as jalapeno pepper lights, for instance.
We’ve found this to be a manageable way to “decorate” for each holiday.

I figure that lets me devote more time and energy on other ways to cover up my parenting inadequacies.