Monthly Archives: November 2013

And here we begin…


We are one of those families that hear on a fairly regular basis – “You should write a book on raising kids” – I guess because our blend of core values combined with some inventive ideas seem to be coming together in a way that makes our family solid and functional. Let me be clear…we have our issues, get in arguments, slam doors and all that, but most of the time, we get along. And more importantly, we have enough confidence as a family to be able to reach out to others, and to be a positive influence on our community.

As I write this, our children are ages 13, 15, 17, and 19. My intent in writing a blog is partially selfish – writing gives me pleasure and is therapeutic. I also think maybe I do have something to offer – for both the new parent and those with teens – whether it’s just the assurance that you’re not alone in your struggles or perhaps a new way to approach a problem.

I hope you enjoy my blog – and contribute your ideas as well. And here we begin!